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» » An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica

An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica

An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica

Jing-Nuan Wu ?An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica?
Oxford University Press | ISBN 0195140176 | 1st edition (June 15, 2002) | PDF | 45.92 Mb | 720 Pages[/center]
Herbal medicine, one of the cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine, has evolved over centuries of clinical practice and empirical results into a vast body of knowledge encompassing more than 6,000 substances, most of whose effects and uses have been documented and researched. This illustrated Chinese Materia offers contemporary medicinal, pharmaeutical, and natural product chemists as well as practitioners of homeopathic and alternative medicines authentic, concise monographs on the 320 herbs used in 80% of medicinal formulations in traditional Chinese medical practice. It also provides an overview of traditional Chinese medicine as a framework for understanding how herbal medicines fit within an integrated approach to health and well-being.

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